It's about building community!


Building a business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be bone-crushingly stressful.

The truth is MOST entrepreneurs have fallen for this crazy idea that you have to work 12 hour days, do 1,000 webinars, build your email list to 100,000 people, and more.

Well, this DOES NOT lead to more money, it just leads to burnout.

It’s time to focus on the one thing that’ll help you grow your business in ways you probably can’t imagine.

Building a community!

If you’re interested in building a SUSTAINABLE business that continues to generate revenue month after month, you need a community.

I cannot TELL YOU how many people I see launch a product once, make a bit of money…then their business quickly fizzles away.

Why? They have no COMMUNITY.


Tip number one: Figure out what type of content your audience wants from you and start creating it.  

Tip number two: repurpose past content saving you time and energy from having to come up with new content.  

Question to ponder. Am I creating a community around my brand?